The Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi, was established in 1985. Aga Khan University Hospitals are in Karachi, Pakistan and Nairobi, Kenya are private, non-profitable institutions providing high quality health care. The Main Hospitals serve as the principal sites for clinical training for the University’s Medical Colleges and Schools of Nursing in Pakistan and East Africa.

The doctor’s facility gives a broad range of optional and tertiary care, including analysis of infection and group administration of patient care. The health-giving facility’s combines way to deal with finding and care assurances a range of protected and providing high quality to patients – with all administrations under one rooftop.

The Aga Khan University Hospital operates on the core values of Quality, Significance, Impact and Access. AKU is a patient-centric institution and strive to provide care that is respectful and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values.  AKU tries to ensure that patient values guide all of its clinical decisions. The staff performance is measured against their guiding principles by measuring their Communication, Attitude, Responsiveness, Respect and Care. AKU provides the best environment to its patients.