Government Collage Township is one of the famous government collages in Lahore. The reason of its popularity is that all the staff available in GCT Lahore is highly qualified and has shifted here from Foreman Christian Collage (FC collage) Lahore. The building of the GCT Lahore is very beautiful and the Principle at GCT has strictly maintain the system of cleanliness. There are different degree programs available at GCT Lahore ranging from intermediate to masters and all necessary equipment and highly qualified staff is available which is mostly consists of PhD. The education system in Government Collage Township is not very good. Students are out of control and they mostly waste their time by sitting around the cafe or in the grounds and there is no one who can say anything to them. After December test students often don’t come to the collage because their admissions has sanded to the Lahore Board. The classes and whole collage become empty after the December test.

The students who cannot afford the expenses of academies or tuition faced a lot of different kind of problems after December test. Teachers don’t come to the classes after the December test and if the students who cannot afford the expenses of the academies but come regularly to the collage then a lot of teachers said that they cannot teach the one or two students and just pass their time by making gossips with each other or by checking the tests or papers of their academies or sitting freely by doing nothing. The poor students have to sit in huge but empty classes and have to study on their own. But there are still few teachers available at GCT Lahore who work with honesty like Professor Hassan Mahmood of Chemistry Department and Professor Rashid belongs to Urdu Department and teach the poor students who cannot afford the expenses of academies whether they belongs to their particular sections or not. They feel proud by doing that.

So, at the end there are some good and bad aspects associated with the education system in Government Collage Township Lahore.