Government College University, Lahore is one of leading institute of indo-pak subcontinent. It was established in 1964 and now celebrating its 152nd year of existence.

It the start it was named as Government College, Lahore (GC, Lahore) in 1964, then higher education  commission (HEC) award GC the status of degree awarding institute in 1997, then this status was updated as university and then it covered the long journey of Government College Lahore(GC Lahore) to Government College University Lahore(GCU, Lahore) in 2002.

College to University Year
Opening of the College (Affiliation with Calcutta University) 1864
Punjab University was established with the efforts of the Principal of GC. Thereafter, GC was affiliated with Punjab University. 1882
Awarded Autonomy in Financial and Administrative Affairs. 1989
Granted Degree Awarding Status 1997
GC Elevated to a University. 2002


The academic life of GCU also reshaped according to the new challenges of 21st century.  GC University is now delivering education from intermediate (FA, F.Sc, I.Com) till PhD level in multiple disciplines.

The research culture evolved out by GCU scholars in different departments has been acknowledged round the Glob. The University has produced 2 Nobel Prices:

Dr. Hargobind Khorana (Chemistry)

Dr. Abdul Salam (Physics).

GCU have a big number of foreign visiting professors in variety of disciplines and their presence on our campus has reinvigorated academic programs and great research activities. Many top politician, bureaucrats, top army officers and thinker of the idea of Pakistan Dr. Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal also learnt from this traditional institute.

There was a time when in all Punjab GC Lahore was at the top in merit of admission and in results of approximately all disciplines and levels. The standard of education and merit in GCU is not as it was before the status of university. As its growing exponentially so some academic matters need improvement.