Sheikh Waseem Ahmad’s story goes back to 1979 when he stared preparing BBQ on a food cart near 7up Stop, Gulberg 3. He used to mesmerize people with his God gifted taste of BBQ and their compliments and affection become a source of motivation for him, and brought him to this well reputed place, where he stands today.

Those were old times. Thing were simple, so were the people. This would be hard for you to believe that he started his business on the road side, where tables and chairs were placed on the footpath. His kitchen was his food cart that he used to bring there every day. Now a furlong from there, stands his new glorious restaurant as a symbol of his commitment and hard work. He could not forget where he started from. This is the reason why that old food cart is now the Icon of his restaurant and he is so proud of it.

This success story is a result of a team work. Though times have changed now but one thing remained the same. Since that day, till today, he prepare every meal with the same tender, loving care. As Allah blessed him with success, he become more committed to serve his customers.

Mr. Sheikh Waseem Ahmad says “with the grace of Allah and our untiring efforts, we have reached this place that we could not even imagine, 37 years ago. So, we cannot thank God in words and we do not know how to express our gratitude towards our customers but we wholeheartedly welcome you to our restaurant, to let us serve you.”

Nadeem Tikka is a blend of culture, rural life style, modern food processing and unbelievingly delicious meals that you may not find anywhere else, under one roof. It is a multi-story, newly furnished building. Moreover it has an open air setup as well.

It is situated in Gulberg 3, near 7up stop, in the heart of the city and his sons looks after it now. Recent modernization of restaurant, online ordering system unmatched taste of the meals and enormous customer response has led them to expand nationwide. Collecting smiles by distributing joys and taste is their utmost goal.