Rapid group of companies is a group of companies and consists of five companies.

“Rapid Travel and Truism private limited” which provide the services of ticketing and visas, Hajj and Ummrah and arranging the group tours to all over the globe. “Rapid Overseas employment promoters” which supply man power to different countries like KSA, Qatar, Bahrein and Malaysia. “Askari Technical Test and Training Center” which is equipped with latest technology equipment and highly specialist and qualified staff and provide training to their clients and customers before supplying man power to different countries around the globe. “Rapid real estate and Builders” deals with the buying and selling of the property and provide their customers the property paper and all the necessary papers on time. “Reliance Enterprise” is linked with the Steel Mill of Pakistan and supply raw steal from the Steel Mill of Pakistan to different factories in Pakistan. The competitive advantage of rapid group of companies over their competitors is that all the staff at “Rapid Travel and Truism Private Limited” is IATA certified which means you accepted worldwide, fastest ticketing and visa services and it is only one of the five companies in Pakistan which is linked with the “Bin Ladin Group” which is the largest construction company in Saudi Arab. They are using two kind of information systems in their organization one is “Backers” which is used for booking and other one is “Galileo” all the routes of all the airlines and group related information is available over this information system. Since the technology is getting better and advance day by day but Rapid is still using old means of advertisement like newspaper this is the weakness of rapid group of companies.

At the end Rapid Group of Companies are playing a vital role in the progress and development of Pakistan.